Jamal James Official TV reel

This is just a few select clips from my TV work on various networks!
Enjoy! More to come soon!

Volkswagon ID3 Full Spot

Volkswagon ID3 Commercial

VW Commercial #2

My 2nd Volkswagon commercial! (Just a bit shorter!)


Enjoy This powerful short film I’m in!

Five millennial friends. Five opinions on the State of our Nation. Five potential voters. Five people who didn’t see the warning lights blinking red.

Millennials make up the largest voting block as we head into these important midterm elections. Slightly more than half say they will vote in this upcoming election- but will they?

In this short film, we ask What kind of America do you want to live in? What impact will your vote have? Will you show up? And what happens if you don’t?

Producers: Ben Myers and Rachel Pearl
Writer/Director: Ben Myers
Editor: Rachel Pearl
Director of Photography: Andrew Trost